National Civil War Naval Museum tour March 16

 from the Commandant…

Old Guard – First Field Trip of Year

Last year we tried to take a field trip to the National Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus. Unfortunately, there was little interest from the Command.

This year we will go on Saturday 16 March. Meet at museum at 1100 and go in as a group.

The tour will be over at 1400 or there about. COL Bob Powers and his wife will host the Command with a BBQ at his plantation. Directions to his place will be provided. This is an option, but you are urged to go.

Members will go in their cars or carpool.

Price of admission is Seniors…..$6.50. Younger seniors $7.50

I know at least five people going and if that’s all that signs up, we will go. Get permission from your wife before 6 March meeting and sign up at that meeting. We need to know the number of attendees in order to get a private tour and lecture.

Things to see at Museum:

  • Replica of famous Water Witch
  • Replica of Admiral David Farragut’s flag ship, USS Hartford
    (Farragut insulted Southern ladies by say,” DAMN the torpedoes full speed ahead.” Actually, what he asks his Exe. “Where the hell is the Tecumseh?”
  • See what is left of the Ironclad Jackson, aka Muscogee.  It was never commissioned burned to its gunwale and sunk in the Chattahoochee. Raised in 1960.
  • Lecture by staff dressed as a Yankee Naval Officer.

What more could you ask for on a Saturday?

 Sign-up sheet is back of room or contract LTC Otis Farmer or COL Ross Glover for reservations.

Tour of the Powers’ plantation and BBQ

Cost Nothing.