> From: “John Green” <jegpilot@bellsouth.net> > > ANCIENT AND HONORABLE ARTILLERY CO OF MASS “1638” www.ahac.us.com > Armory Fanueil Hall, Boston,MA 02109 armory 617-227-1638 > > June Day: > > Although the anniversary of the Charter is March, the most significant ceremonial occurs in June. On the first Monday in June the Ancients hold a Drum Head Election on Boston Common. The tradition began with the First Muster in 1638. The sequence of events has changed over the years, but the theme of the day has always remained the same. > The day begins with an officers’ call followed by a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of Captain Robert Keayne. There is a luncheon at the Armory beginning at 11:00 AM for the Ancients and all Parade participants. At 12:30 PM the Parade forms on North and Congress Streets then marches to an historic church for a religious service and the Drum Head Election Day sermon. When the service concludes, the Parade reforms and marches to the Boston Common where the incumbent elected Officers appear before the Governor, our Commander-in-Chief, or his designated representative, to surrender their commissions. The newly elected Officers then appear before the Governor to receive their commissions for the coming year. Following this ceremony the Adjutant officiates at the exchange of authority of the twelve elected Sergeants of the Company. The Ceremony concludes with a pass in review by the Company and participants. The day ends with an anniversary banquet at a nearby hotel. > > AHAC 2017-2018 Year > LT Dennis C. O’Brien Captain Commanding > > ALTHOUGH I AM NOT THE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER I MANAGE TO BRING YOU SOME PHOTOS I TAKE OF THIS ANNUAL CELEBRATION AND DRUM HEAD ELECTION. PLUS I GOT A NEW CAMERA , SO LET’S SEE WHAT THE PHOTOS LOOK LIKE AND IF YOUR NOT IN ANY OF THEM ,MY APOLOGIES OR MAYBE YOU DIDN’T ATTEND > > YOURS IN COMMUNICATION > > C.L.H.M.C. Past Commander 2009-2010 /Life Director > CAPT Edgar Hebert (Maureen) (Federal Blues R.I.M.”1798”) 50 Patterson Ave. Warren, RI 02885 inshouse98@aol.com Cell 401-368-5120 www.centenniallegion.com > > >

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