Preservation of the Old Guard

Our history is gilded with storied tradition,

A long line carrying guns and ammunition;

Now the ballads and battles of war recede,

And we stop to attend to the South’s need.

From bloody Green-Briar to Carrick’s Ford,

The Command was watched over by the Lord;

Now the time for rest and renewal is nigh,

As we carry the Old Guard colors on high.

From Alexander Stephens to Robert E. Lee,

The year is filled with Old Guard things to see;

Peace Monument and Veteran’s Proclamation,

Are just two of the cavalcade of celebration.

Leaders like Gillette, Westlake, and Byrd,

Were first among the Command to be heard;

But always their officers had the final say,

As posterity, ideals and chivalry held sway.

The legacy of Burke and others remain,

For together we recite our proud refrain;

The mission to preserve our heritage is clear,

As forever we shall hold the Old Guard dear!

— Col. Philip K. Curtis, Past Commandant

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