Washington Light Infantry 209th Anniversary Banquet

The Washington Light Infantry has invited all of us to their 209th Anniversary Banquet, being held at the Citadel Alumni Center, Monday, 22 February 2016 at 1900 hours. Cost for the Banquet is just $75. There is a reception at their Armory Monday afternoon from 1730 to 1830 prior to the banquet. They had arranged for rooms at the Holiday Inn, Riverview. Cost is: Friday and Saturday nights are $ 124.00 per night and Sunday and Monday Nights are $ 74.00 per night. The drop dead date for reservations was 30 January. However I talked with General Siegling this morning and he is calling the hotel about extending that date. The hotel phone number to make reservations is 843-460-1448. If feel sure that he will be able to get these prices extended and he will call me back after he talks with the hotel. If there is any change I will let you know. Those of you that have not attended this event before have been missing a great weekend. There is a church service Sunday and a function for the ladies to attend while we are at the banquet. You need to let the Old Guard have a good showing for this event by attending. If you have any questions give me a call. COL John E. Green Old Guard of the Gate City Guard phone: 404-299-2962; cell: 404-771-9866 Email: jegpilot@bellsouth.net