Kennesaw Museum Photos & Proposal

from COL Dietrich…

Several years ago (2011) our OG relics, with the exception of the 1861 flag, were transferred to the Kennesaw Museum for storage and for use in an exhibit done from May to October of 2011. I am including a few of the photographs I have of the exhibit, and imagine others of you may have some also. Notice especially the photograph above – the replica 6” artillery shell given the Old Guard by the Boston Light Infantry upon the occasion of the dedication of the Peace Monument in 1911. We might consider contacting the BLI (COL Milam? COL Corsetti?) and having a formal “recognition” of this item by taking it the 2020 Centennial Legion Meeting for display and publicity purposes.

We also signed an agreement with the Museum that our relics would be periodically shown in special exhibition (many are on permanent display now). I propose that we further investigate the requirements of this agreement in the coming Command Year, 2020-2021. We should consider how such a future exhibit might enhance the public awareness of the Old Guard and what we do, and also encourage more individuals to join and strengthen the Command.

I propose that in 2020 we plan a field trip officially to the Museum to look at our displayed items and also to visit the basement storage area where many others are stored.

There are other things that we might consider doing to benefit the Command through the History & Heritage Committee, with enough enthusiasm and commitment.

Merry Christmas!


COL John A. Dietrichs
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