2017 Annual Meeting elects LTC Roger Decker 2018 Commandant

Attached are several photos taken at annual meeting. 1st table, COL Den Coleman, COL Joel Isenburg, COL George Thurmond and MAJ Martin Howley, 2nd table, LTC David Floyd, MAJ Ren Brennan and MAJ Sam Alston ,  3rd Table, COL Ed Milan, CPT Bob Hendershott, and LTC Roger Decker,  4th Table, Old Dude in Mufti (I don’t Know) check with John Dietrichs) Commandant Richard Straut, COL John Dietrichs, 5th Table, COL John Green, newly inducted CPT W. Connally Powell and COL Henry Taylor.
Election results /LTC Roger Decker, Commandant for 2018 and LTC Ross Glover, Deputy Commandant for 2018.