In Memoriam


COL Mims Wilkinson 1925-2018

He was Honorary Legal Advisor to the British Consul-General at Atlanta from 1970 until 2000. For his service to the Crown he was awarded membership in the Order of the British Empire in 1985. Mims was a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Sons of the American Revolution, or SAR. He served as President of the SAR Georgia Society in 1968 and Vice-President of the SAR National Society in 1969. He authored a book on the Revolutionary War in the South. He was a member of the North Carolina Chapter of the Society of the Cincinnati; and, a Colonel of the Old Guard of the Gate City Guard of Atlanta, where he served as Commandant in 1986. ..READ MORE

COL Houston P. Spencer 1940 – 2017


Houston joined the Old Guard of the Gate City Guard in 1993.  He served on many committees, chairman of most, as well as an active member of the color guard.  He served as Chief of Staff, 2005, Commandant Elect, 2006, and Commandant of the Old Guard in 2007.  In November, 2007, he was elected 3rd Vice Commander of the Centennial Legion of Historical Military Commands and elected Commander in 2010.  ..READ MORE